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The Plant Shop in Orono Mainely Succulents is founded on the basis that indoor plants are for everyone. If you love those instagram rare plant aesthetic vibes but you have killed every plant off one by one... We are for you. If you consider yourself a rare plant connesiour always hunting for a Variagated Monstera or Philodendron Burle Marx..we are here for you. We make education a priority. Our plants are ,well kept and healthy. And the best part is that we consider ourselves Plant Doctors, whether you got your plant in our shop or somewhere else you can come to us with your sad plant child and we will diagnose the issue and give you comprehensive directions to nurse them back to health. Are you searching for a rare plant but you don't see it in our shop? Let us know. We may have it at our off site greenhouse or be able to track it down for you! We offer planting workshops at our shop and some local University of Maine classes. We also offer interior plant design for local businesses in Orono and the Greater Bangor Area! We are passionate about cultivating community, helping others re-connect with nature and educating on the benefits of PLANT OWNERSHIP & CARE. This mission is central to all we do. Whether it's our retail store on Main Street in Downtown Orono, Maine, our collaborative events or partnerships with other businesses across the state, our focus is always on how we can educate, connect with and inspire the next generation of gardeners.

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*RARE* Monstera Siltepecana Hanging Basket

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